The Youth We Serve

BHGHNY is a non-profit organization operating an urban boarding program for socioeconomically disadvantaged but academically capable young men and women in grades nine through twelve. The young women attend Cristo Rey Brooklyn and the young men attend Bishop Loughlin Memorial High School. They reside in on-campus residences Sunday evening through Friday afternoon and receive the support and structure needed to achieve success in and out of the classroom, college readiness, college acceptance, and college graduation.

BHGHNY is a highly-structured and supportive environment that is designed to assist each scholar in his or her own quest to educational success. It is not designed for youth with academic, emotional or behavioral difficulties. Therefore, the selection of scholars for Boys Hope Girls Hope is one of the most crucial elements in fulfilling the program's mission.

If you know a child:

  • Who is high school age or preparing to enter high school;
  • Who is free from emotional, behavioral, and learning disorders;
  • Whose environment (i.e. abuse or neglect; incapacitated parent; neighborhood violence; chronic poverty; homelessness; domestic violence) threatens his or her future potential;
  • Who exhibits the ability to achieve academically;
  • Who is willing to cooperate and put in the effort necessary to succeed in and out of the classroom;
  • Whose parents or guardian are willing to partner with Boys Hope Girls Hope in order to help their child succeed…

...then he or she may be a candidate for admission to Boys Hope Girls Hope of New York.

For general information about BHGHNY, please contact: Phone: 718.638.1100 or email:

For information about the application process, please contact:
Lucas Slattery, Director of Admissions and Special Projects, at 718-638-1100 ext. 1 or by email at