Emerging Leadership

For more information about the ELC and/or if you are interested in joining the team, please contact us at bhghny@bhgh.org or email Chelsea Pittman at cpittman@bhgh.org.

Founded in September 2014, BHGHNY’s Emerging Leadership Council (ELC) is comprised of a group of young professionals who understand the value of philanthropy and who recognize the need to play an active role in the development of young people and particularly those who may lack the economic and family support to realize their full potential and promise.  As such, members operate with the belief that twenty-four hours in the life of a deserving child can make a significant difference and during the course of a year dedicate this time to mentoring, fundraising, and promoting and enhancing BHGHNY’s mission and overall standing in the youth development area.



·         Share a passion and commitment for BHGHNY’s mission and a sincere desire to help our young men and women attain their goals of becoming college graduates and productive citizens. ELC members are Ambassadors of the organization and should thus make every effort to be familiar with the organization’s mission, programs and services so they can lobby prospective contributors.

·         $1,000 donation per calendar year (this can be given at once or over the course of the year).

·         24 hours of service in a year: This time can be spent spreading the word about the organization, volunteering, fundraising, visiting the program, mentoring, participating in community service and/or special events etc.

·         Attend at least 50% of ELC meetings (ELC will meet quarterly and will occasionally hold ad hoc meetings for special events as the need arises during the year)

·         Serve on one of the ELC’s 5 Committees: Executive, Program, Fundraising, Special Event, and Marketing & Public Relations (to be formalized in January 2015)


The Emerging Leadership Council’s Executive Committee is comprised of the following officers:

The President:  Mr. Kevin C. Haskell, BHGHNY Trustee / Credit Agricole

The Vice President: Ms. Cristina Mahabir, NY Presbyterian Hospital

The Secretary: Mr. Michael Pisano, Protiviti

The Fundraising Committee Chair: Mr. Keith Fell, Morgan Stanley

The Special Event Committee Chair: Mr. Mike Brown, Royal Bank of Canada

The Program Committee Chair: Mr. Orville Mills, Zinc Ahead Inc.

The Marketing & Public Relations Chair: Ms. Christina Roberts, Exclusive Resorts


Other ELC and Committee Members: Coming soon